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When a Peeping Tom met a Kleptomaniac

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China 2017
Duration: 04:30
Directed by: Yifei Wang (Moonchild)
Screenplay: Yifei Wang (Moonchild)
Animation: Yifei Wang (Moonchild)
Technique: Yifei Wang (Moonchild)
Music: Min He
Production/School: Yifei Wang (Moonchild)
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

Every person living in this boundless world of ours is unique: we all have our eccentricities. Life is meant to be a little strange. When we meet people whose eccentricities are compatible with our own, we often long to join those people. When two similarly strange people connect, they often adopt of a manner of interacting whereby they amplify each other's eccentricities. This is true love. Through this animation, I'm trying to tell a story about finding true love and to become who you really are.