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Chill and Shivering

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Hong Kong 2016
Duration: 10:16
Directed by: Kwok Wai Chung Philip
Screenplay: Kwok Wai Chung Philip
Animation: Yip Shun Shing Vincent
Technique: Yip Shun Shing Vincent
Music: Willis Wong
Production/School: Kwok Wai Chung Philip, Yip Shun Shing Vincent
Dialogue language: Cantonese (Chinese)
Subtitles language: Chinese and English

The protagonist is a typical young introvert who does not venture outdoors, lives in his own world, and is obsessed with computers, models and dolls. He occupies an old rented flat. One night, a mysterious thing happens. He is unaware that the dwelling was formerly a shop providing traditional Chinese herbal medical service, and that his environment has become supernatural. The experience turns out to be a life-changing one.