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MS. Belly / 貝莉小姐

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Taiwan 2017
Duration: 05:40
Directed by: Lin, Chih-Yu
Screenplay: Lin, Chih-Yu
Animation: Lin, Chih-Yu
Technique: Lin, Chih-Yu
Music: Chen, Chihlin
Production/School: National Chengchi University

This is a female magazine collage animation. Only the character, Ms. Belly, is made from the creator's own body. The other materials are all from magazines. Ms. Belly is a young lady, a fantasy girl with a round belly. Round belly is big and fat, rolling up and down. Ms. Belly loves her belly, even if people do not like it. In Ms. Belly 's world, the girls' coming-of-age ceremony is to join the transformation for the perfect body. And their ultimate dream is to enter the perfect temple. Ms. Belly was waiting in the clinic, then accidentally saw the operation of the transformation. The girls were in a coma in the factory and forced cutting limbs, face, liposuction. Ms. Belly is frightened and escaped, fleeing into a mysterious world, began a fantastic journey ... ...