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Stories About Him / 關於他的故事

Taiwan 2017
Duration: 12:46
Directed by: Yung Shiuan Yang
Screenplay: Yung Shiuan Yang
Animation: Yung Shiuan Yang, Chih Ying Ku, Chiou Lan Liu
Technique: draw on paper, paint on glass, object, clay, 2D computer
Music: Yoon Kim, Po Chung Lin
Production/School: Yung Shiuan Yang
Dialogue language: Chinese
Subtitles language: English

One day I asked my aunts and uncles about my grandpa while they were playing Mahjong. I asked them what does grandpa look like? Where did he come from? How was his childhood? What had he been through? The stories they told me amazed me. But are these all real? Who is he?