The winners of the 2nd Animation Marathon have been announced.

Updated: 02-12-2016 16:23

It is great pleasure to inform you that the winners of the competitive part of the 2nd Animation Marathon have been announced today.

The 2nd Animation Marathon has been successfully completed!

Updated: 02-12-2016 16:15

The 2nd Animation marathon, that took place between the 28th of November and 1st of December, has been successfully completed!

Animation Marathon on

Updated: 07-11-2016 11:55

We would like to thank for supporting Animation Marathon.

Submission period is over!

Updated: 01-11-2016 11:19

Submission period for Animation Marathon 2016 is over. Notification date: 11 November 2016.

Animation Marathon 2016: 10 days left until the final submission date!

Updated: 21-10-2016 14:01

After the extension of submission deadline, 10 more days left until the final chance.

Location of Animation Marathon 2016

Updated: 14-10-2016 15:25

The 2nd ANIMATION MARATHON will be held at Romantso, former printing plant of the once famous “Romantso” magazine. It is situated in the historical center of Athens (3-5, Anaxagora Str., Athens, Greece) and functions both as hub for start-up companies within the creative industry and as a cultural center, organizing and hosting a variety of events accessible to the wider public, on a daily basis.

Official website:

Notification Date has been updated

Updated: 12-10-2016 17:46

The notification date for accepted works has been updated due to the extention of the submission deadline.

Extended submission deadline

Updated: 12-10-2016 17:39

Submission deadine has been extended until 31st of October 2016.

Animation Marathon 2016: Audience Awards and Special Mentions

Updated: 11-10-2016 17:48

Winners of Animation Marathon 2016 will accept Audience Awards or Audience Special Mentions.

Animation Marathon 2016: 10 days left until the submission deadline!

Updated: 05-10-2016 16:09

10 days left until the submission deadline for Animation Marathon 2016!

Animation Marathon 2016: Important Dates

Updated: 04-10-2016 18:21

The Animation Marathon aims to become a forum of artists from Greece and abroad, related to animation and audiovisual arts in general, and who, to a large extent, will explore and expand the boundaries both in the field of animation and of various forms of visual arts.