Competition 16

Thursday 01/12/2016 19:00 - 19:50 - Animation Marathon 2016 Schedule
Total Duration: 00:48:25

  1. Sparrow Duet 03:54
  2. USA 2015
    Directed by: Steve Socki
    Screenplay: Steve Socki
    Animation: Steve Socki
    Technique: 2D, mixed media
    Music: Gary Chang
    Production/School: Steve Socki

    Animated abstract shapes and gestures dance together in patterns suggesting suggesting ritualistic, bird-like action. The original music was composed and performed by Gary Chang.

  3. Last Dance on the Main 03:07
  4. Canada 2014
    Directed by: Aristofanis Soulikias
    Screenplay: Aristofanis Soulikias
    Animation: Aristofanis Soulikias
    Technique: 3D, mixed media
    Music: Tristan Capacchione
    Production/School: Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
    Dialogue language: English and French
    Subtitles language: English

    An animated documentary on the demolition of a row of historic buildings on Montreal’s St Laurent boulevard – also known as “The Main” – by politicians and building developers, and the resistance put up by the burlesque artists and the local community.

  5. Sophie Taeuber-Arp's Vanishing Lines 10:10
  6. Germany 2015
    Directed by: Myriam Thyes
    Screenplay: Myriam Thyes
    Animation: Myriam Thyes
    Technique: Adobe Flash
    Music: Silvia Pachler
    Production/School: Myriam Thyes

    Many works that Sophie Taeuber-Arp completed 1940-1942 manifest a symbolism of war, persecution and flight. The animation, which combines eight of her works from the ‚Lignes‘ series with photographs from WW2, shows the connection and the discrepancy between Taeuber-Arp’s artistic activity and the world of war and persecution. The video thereby highlights a dilemma facing artists to this day, of making art in a time of injustice and violence.

  7. Fantoche 20:40
  8. France 2016
    Directed by: Jonathan Rochier
    Screenplay: Jonathan Rochier
    Animation: Jonathan Rochier
    Technique: Clay animation
    Music: Aymeric Borne
    Production/School: Maelstrom Studios

    Abandonned by his mother, Antoine finds refuge in the arms of Fantoche, a wooden puppet. Isolated in his workshop where he makes dolls, he is overcome with hallucinations: abattoirs transform into the maternal womb and life emerges suddenly from ebony skins.

  9. Be 04:00
  10. Ireland 2015
    Directed by: David Begley
    Screenplay: David Begley
    Animation: David Begley
    Technique: Charcoal 2D
    Music: David Begley
    Production/School: David Begley

    A mother protects her egg when an explosion in a nearby forest causes mutations in her environment.

  11. Piano Bar 04:30
  12. Greece 2016
    Directed by: Georgina Kosmatou
    Screenplay: Georgina Kosmatou
    Animation: Georgina Kosmatou
    Technique: 2D computer
    Music: Thomas Distler
    Production/School: Ionian University

    The film is about a memory of an old man . One day an old man visited a Piano bar and this was the place that will remind him the love of his life. After this memory he will take a decision that will change his future.

  13. Baby and Granny 02:04
  14. USA 2015
    Directed by: Zheng Kang
    Screenplay: Zheng Kang
    Animation: Zheng Kang
    Technique: 2D computer
    Music: Sasirat Taengsmudr, Woodtipon Phumcokluc
    Production/School: USC School of Cinematic Arts

    A 2D animated action-comedy about a baby and granny who share a common bond (Baby’s Mother is Granny’s Daughter) but who fight like crazy when left alone. The visuals are highly-influenced by the work of 60's Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein.