Competition 14

Wednesday 30/11/2016 21:00 - 21:50 - Animation Marathon 2016 Schedule
Total Duration: 00:47:32

  1. Bird's heart 09:57
  2. Greece 2015
    Directed by: Pavlos Prantsidis
    Screenplay: Pavlos Prantsidis
    Animation: Pavlos Prantsidis
    Technique: 2D animation
    Music: Daphne Farazi
    Production/School: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    Dialogue language: Greek
    Subtitles language: English

    Everything was taken over by everyday life. The tasks of a worker, the notes of a diary, the words of a radio announcer. Even a bird that was accidentally set free, was now standing motionless.

  3. Reach 03:26
  4. United Kingdom 2014
    Directed by: Kayla Parker, Stuart Moore
    Screenplay: Kayla Parker, Stuart Moore
    Animation: Kayla Parker, Stuart Moore
    Technique: Direct animation
    Production/School: Sundog Media

    The people who live along the Tamar form a close relationship with the river; each affected by the other. Artist film-makers Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore used this idea of symbiosis to create Reach. By laying raw film in the silt of the river, they have created a work which has been shaped by the river: its organic emulsion changed by the tides’ ebb and flow, by physical abrasion and the organisms living in the alluvial mud.

  5. RoboMike 03:47
  6. USA 2014
    Directed by: Karina Palmer
    Screenplay: Karina Palmer
    Animation: Michael Sullivan, Robert Lyons
    Technique: Stop Motion, Documentary
    Music: Calibro 35
    Production/School: Karina Palmer
    Dialogue language: English

    New York is unexpected, magical, crowded, dirty and gritty with treasures inhabiting every single borough and many of its streets. There are a million of unusual lives breathing through the grid and ready to be discovered. It's that special and legendary attraction to the city that captures and retains a certain type of character. One who exhales endurance and its rewarded with magical events, friendships and tales.

  7. I Am Not a Mouse 02:01
  8. United Kingdom 2015
    Directed by: Evgenia Golubeva
    Screenplay: Evgenia Golubeva
    Animation: Evgenia Golubeva
    Technique: 2D computer
    Music: Tom Angell
    Production/School: Evgenia Golubeva
    Dialogue language: English

    Every time Lucy is called 'Mouse' by her Mum, she turns into a real mouse! What is Lucy going to do?

  9. It Is My Fault 04:50
  10. China 2016
    Directed by: Liu Sha
    Screenplay: Liu Sha
    Animation: Liu Sha
    Technique: 3D
    Music: Ma Yao
    Production/School: Liu Sha

    After the compression of the spiritual world by the force of regulation, there will follow a series of emotions such as introspection, violence, self-destruction, and untangling. This work utilizes the own approach of the digital media itself to deconstruct, to form the subliminal synesthesia visually and to create a fictional experience for the mind.

  11. S.C.A.N. - Searching Alternative Nature 05:43
  12. Hungary 2015
    Directed by: Danes Ruzsa, Fruzsina Spitzer
    Screenplay: Dénes Ruzsa
    Animation: Fruzsina Spitzer
    Technique: Camera-less animation, made with a flatbed scanner
    Music: Ilya Kaplan, Stan Fomin

    With the invention of the telescope and the further development of the technology we got more and more detailed picture of the world around us. We learned more and more about the stars, birth of stars and the star death. Stars provide the essential light for life. We discovered that almost every chemical element in our body was formed inside the stars. The formation of our solar system is also caused by previously lived stars. Our galaxy formation is the result of a supernova shock wave. Our existence is a natural consequence of the existence of the stars, so we can suppose the idea that in our distant galaxies our distant relatives lives. Camera-less animation each frame was made or reproduced with a flatbed scanner.

  13. Vocabulary 1 03:50
  14. USA 2016
    Directed by: Becky James
    Screenplay: Becky James
    Animation: Becky James
    Technique: 2D, mixed media
    Music: Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    Production/School: Becky James

    Snake and Butterfly are neighbors on a school worksheet. Covetous Butterfly wants something from his serpentine compatriot, but what? Combining charming animation with deft, unusual narrative construction, the animation explores how we piece together narrative from the sources around us.

  15. A Space In Time / L'espace d'un Instant 13:58
  16. France 2015
    Directed by: Alexandre Athané
    Screenplay: Vincent Cappello
    Animation: Vincent Cappellow
    Technique: 2D
    Music: Alex Beaupain
    Production/School: Suerte Productions
    Dialogue language: French
    Subtitles language: English

     Claire, a little girl, and her grandfather share a dream - seeing a man walk on the moon - and their favorite pastime is playing astronaut. On the night of July 20, 1969, while the whole world is fixated on Neil Armstrong, Claire's thoughts are with her own personal hero...